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Metamorphosis in 60

Nov 11, 2023 - Jan 11, 2024


Are you ready for a life-changing experience? Join our transformative 60-day journey from 11/11 to 1/11 and watch your life blossom into its fullest potential. Born out of my personal mastery of navigating life's transitions, this challenge will guide you through an intentional process of growth and self-discovery. With a supportive community to uplift you and expert resources to expand your mindset, you'll gain the tools to fearlessly create the life you desire. Each week we'll explore a different phase of transformation, setting a focused intention and taking aligned action steps. Sample themes include: - Week 1: Excavating Your Truth - Week 2: Crafting Your Vision - Week 3: Making the Commitment - Week 4: Releasing the Past You'll attend insightful weekly meetings to connect with like-hearted souls walking this path alongside you. You'll be encouraged to tap into your inner wisdom through journaling prompts and mindfulness practices. And you'll feel held by a circle of trust as you navigate this deep work. Say YES to finally prioritizing your growth and self-care. Say YES to once and for all creating a life beyond your wildest dreams. This adventure will be challenging and beautiful - and I can't wait to take your hand and gently guide you through it. Join our winter transformation challenge from 11/11 to 1/11 and watch yourself come alive!

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Metamorphosis in 60

Metamorphosis in 60

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