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Elevate Your Energy

Transform your life by learning to heal and transform your energy. In this 2-day retreat, experience an authentic rebirth of self through the power of Reiki, Human Design and Sound Healing. 

Happy Meditator

Natasha S.

“After just one session I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. Marilyn gently guided me through a breath-work exercise that helped me identify where I was holding on to old, stagnant energy that had been weighing me down. I am forever grateful for the tools she's given me to continue my healing journey."

Marrion J.

"Sahar's reading came at the perfect time. I felt an immediate bond and trust, which made me willing to open myself to her guidance. I now feel that I understand myself more intimately. I appreciate the way she held space and was willing to relate her own personal experiences to what she was telling me about myself. Highly recommend."​

Erynn G.

“Marilyn helped me overcome my fear of going into the healing arts professionally. I was afraid of what my family and friends would think of me. I knew I had a gift but I lacked the confidence and knowledge to fully begin. Through Reiki and guided meditation, I have been able to work through my blocks and start my own Reiki Practice.”

What's Included


8 hours of hands-on practitioner training w/ a Certification

($1700 Value)


Sound healing from a renowned sound practitioner

($555 Value)


Professional materials & references for energy healing

($100 Value)


A personal energy reading a Human Design Specialist

($100 Value)


Guided release rituals including bonfire, movement, & more!

Meet the Practitioners 

Meditating on Bed

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