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Becoming a Dream Catcher

The dreamcatcher is a common, somewhat cliched, symbol of Native American tradition. One might argue that this symbol has been appropriated far too much, but its meaning is one that so easily and positively allures to people of all walks of life. The dreamcatcher's purpose was a protection tool used to block nightmares but allow good dreams safe passage to the dreamer below. This message of releasing the bad and clinging to the good has always appealed to me. (So much so that I have one tattooed on my back). But the longer I meditated on the meaning of this symbol, the more I realized the importance of embodying its principles.

It is my belief that in order to live a fulfilling life, one must themselves become a dreamcatcher. Become a dream catcher. What does that mean, you say? It means you must put in the work and effort to rid your life of the negative, draining, toxic aspects and find and pursue your passions and goals. Though it may sound like I am making this out to be an easy feat, I assure you it is not. But it is possible! Not for a select few, but for everyone.

Becoming a dream catcher is a lifelong process with immeasurable benefits. It is a process that starts first with truly getting to know yourself and building based on what you learn. It is a lie that we are meant to or deserve to suffer through our existence. You were made to flourish and be fulfilled! So why not grab a hold of that for as long as you can?

Join me in chasing your dreams and living the life you could only dream of! I look forward to seeing you along the journey.

ACTIVITY: Download the dreamcatcher graphic linked here. On this sheet, write down what dreams or goals you would like to pursue and what fears or nightmares you would like to leave behind.

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Annette Singletary
Annette Singletary
16 déc. 2022

Thank you for these uplifting thoughts. A person recently shared with me the title of a book by Arthur Brooks From Strength to Strength. I looked into interviews with him about this work and in them heard some the thoughts you shared here about the dream catcher approach to life and how to apply such thinking to life transitions and the second half of life.

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