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Child's Play: Reparenting Yourself for Greater Well-being

A large part of my self-love journey has had its focus on healing my inner child. As the first child to my parents, and as the first grandchild to both sets of grandparents, a sense of responsibility and maturity was instilled in me from a very young age. As early as 10 years old, I began stripping myself of childhood joys in an attempt to be perceived as a “good” child. It's only as an adult that I realize how much I denied myself.

Though the stories may look different, most of us discarded huge pieces of our inner child prematurely, often due to trauma, survival, or conditioning. "Childishness" is often mistaken with "childhood," and we're told that these are negative qualities. In a sense, we throw out the baby with the bathwater, giving away a healthy dose of our joy and curiosity. In the end, we become jaded, overwhelmed adults who lack direction and passion.

Once I started to learn about the ways I had deprived myself of elements of my childhood, I began by tapping into some of the hobbies I had let go of during my adolescence. I started drawing again and taking dance classes. Then, I began expanding outside my comfort zone and started to try new things. Throughout this process, I noticed a shift in my perspective. I realized that experiencing these joys is just as important as my responsibilities.

This process pushed me to begin breaking down the "facts'' of who I perceived myself to be. Conditioning begins early. I have come to believe that we are our purest selves as children. So, I began researching a variety of tools to help me learn more about that child I could have been. Human Design has been my latest addition to that process.

A large part of the purpose behind Human Design is to assist parents in raising their children in a way that supports the child’s design (rather than conditioning children to behave a specific way). For those of us whose parents weren't equipped with this valuable system, we can use Human Design to reparent ourselves. By understanding my energy, so many of my struggles with the status quo started to make sense and I was able to tap into more of my holistic needs. I got a clearer understanding of my gifts and talents as well as clarity of my purpose and direction. I now have a healthier understanding of my relationships. Human Design has offered me a wealth of self-knowledge that continues to elevate and enrich my life.

Are you ready to decondition and take hold of your unique energy? Are you ready to embrace your inner child? Make the decision today.

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