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Energy Alert: 4 Clear Signs You're Out of Sync

Our bodies are wired to live life on autopilot. In addition to regulating our autonomic physical functions, our brain is wired in a way to reduce the amount of thinking that we have in a day. This is where habits come in, powered by our subconscious. But what happens when what we’re doing on autopilot is misaligned with us? You got it…burnout.

One of the reasons that I employ Human Design in my coaching practice is because it is a framework that gives clear, actionable steps to healing, growing and creating the life you love. Human Design gives us some clear-cut ways to pinpoint misalignment in life, and it all has to do with our Not-Self theme.

The Not-Self theme is exactly as it sounds - the themes in life we experience when we are acting outside of who we truly are, going against our energetic blueprint. When you know your chart type, it becomes that much easier to guide your life in the right direction by seeing where these themes show up.


If you are an energy type - a Generator or Manifesting Generator - feeling frustration is going to be your main indicator that something is amiss. As someone who needs to exert most of their energy doing things that bring them joy, frustration can show you where you have been exerting too much energy doing things that don’t light you up. Make sure that you are incorporating joyful activities into your daily routine and establishing clear boundaries with others so that your energy is not hijacked.


The greatest purpose for Manifestors is bringing your ideas to fruition. As the only Human Design type designed to initiate action, you may want to go full speed ahead on all things. But, if that venture is not in alignment with who you are, or you neglect to inform the people around you before taking action, you may run into a lot of resistance, resulting in anger. If there is an area of your life where you are experiencing a significant amount of anger, it is most likely because the action you are taking is not for you or you neglected to involve the necessary parties in the process.


If you’re a Projector, like me, your Not-Self theme shows up in the form of bitterness. As Projectors, we have an innate need to be recognized for our expertise and to lead and guide others based on that expertise. However, if we are not recognized and that knowledge and wisdom are shunned, it results in bitterness. Make sure that you are honing and showcasing your skills and wait for the invitation to an opportunity or relationship before diving in to avoid this Not-Self theme.


Disappointment is the Not-Self theme of the Reflector. The Reflector is the most unique chart type and is here to reflect the world to itself. Getting to pick and choose what energy to tap into, the Reflector works best in environments that are exciting, intriguing, and surprising for them. For a Reflector, environment is key in determining their health and well-being, so if you as a Reflector are experiencing a great deal of disappointment, I would look at switching up your immediate environment - including relationships - first.

Having unambiguous ways to detect when you are off-track will help you more easily get back in flow with your energy and with life. If you are unsure of where to start learning about your energy, let’s schedule a free discovery call to do just that. Here’s to a life full of fulfillment, success, satisfaction, peace, and pleasant surprise!

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