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Excavating Your Truth: The Importance of Gratitude during Reflection

For the second week of the 60-day challenge, the key theme has been “Excavating Your Truth”, bringing awareness to your current state in comparison to your desired outcome. This step brings the clarity needed to journey from the present to your transformed self. However, when approached incorrectly, this can also be a dangerous step.

As someone who is very self-aware, reflection was not always my best practice because I used it as a way to further judge myself. There is a slippery slope when it comes to observing our lives critically, and it is easy to allow our observations to turn into discouragements or affect our self-worth.

Many of us have been taught to view the world through the lens of black and white, good and bad. In actuality, there is also neutrality and a spectrum of gray in between. Our reflections on our current state in comparison to where we want to be could be interpreted as “shortcomings” when filtered through this lens. In most cases, though, we are looking at it from the wrong vantage point - our current state may not be our ultimate goal but it is in some way an improvement from a previous period of our lives.

The key to healthily excavating your truth is to lean into gratitude. In this season, we hear a lot about the importance of gratitude and make efforts to express gratitude to our loved ones. When was the last time you were grateful to you? Grateful to you for trying something new or improving in a certain area or showing up for yourself? Who you are right now is a blessing. Who you are is doing the best you can with what you know. There’s no room for judgment in that.

This holiday season, make sure to express gratitude inwardly as well as outwardly and to be encouraged that you are well-equipped to reach your next transformation.

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