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Inclusive Energy: Creating Space for Others

Every single second of every day, we, as energetic beings, are exchanging energy with our environment, with other people, and in our activities. Using this awareness, we can not only learn how to use our energy more wisely but also how to create space so others can shine. As a result, this understanding can help us to create more inclusive environments for diverse teams and groups of people.

Human Design gives us a very clear glimpse into the energy exchange process. In your chart, wherever you are defined (or filled in) is an area where you give or express energy to others, whereas wherever you are undefined (or open) is an area where you receive and amplify the energy of others. In this way, you become a conduit in your openness and others for you in their open centers.

Take a look at your chart. If you have a defined…

…Head Center

You inspire others. You experience a natural flow of ideas that can feed your colleagues.

…Ajna Center

You bring structure to processes and analysis. You can help direct critical projects and keep others on the right track. Just make sure that you are not too rigid when considering solutions to problems.

…Throat Center

You give people the power to speak and to be heard. Your energy feeds conversation and communication, and thus community! Express leadership through speaking and listening to those who may not otherwise have a voice.


You give a refined sense of direction. Others in your energy may struggle with knowing what’s next, but your energy allows

…Will Center

When the going gets tough, your innate willpower may be just what the collective needs to push through! Through your presence, you give others the energy to complete meaningful work with integrity.

…ESP Center

Your presence gives others the space to emotionally connect. Emotional intelligence is just as important as traditional intelligence, and we all need a reminder to tap in now and then.

…Spleen Center

Others may be able to push through fears more easily in your presence. You have a connection to intuition and a survival instinct that can be both empowering and preserving for others.

…Root Center

You can bring others back into rhythm and help them manage stress. Bring some “chill” back into the workspace by helping others identify what is mission-critical and what is not.

No matter what your chart looks like, you have beautiful energy to offer to others and yourself! These are only a few ways that you can be a powerhouse for those around you.

If you would like to learn more about your unique energy and how to operate within your own life and relationships, let’s connect! I can’t wait to see you live your most abundant, fulfilled life.

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