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Worth the Wait: Opening Up to Life's Opportunities through Patience

Patience. For many, hearing this word results in a visceral reaction. Though considered a virtue, implementing it in our lives is often met with resistance. We allow ourselves to be patient in some ways and not others. We subconsciously equate patience with inaction and complacency. So, when we learn about our Human Design type and strategy, many of us become immediately frustrated.

About 90% of the world population is energetically built to wait - whether that is waiting to respond, waiting for an invitation, or waiting the length of a lunar cycle. The enviable Manifestor is the only blueprint designed to initiate action. But, this goes against everything that we’ve been taught throughout our lives. We’re taught that you have to go out and push for what you want, come Hell or high water. We are taught to force movement. But, if you’ve been paying attention, you will notice that when you try to force life, you continually run into walls and pitfalls that your body internally warned you about.

This one thing needs to be understood about waiting: it does not mean living passively. It is not putting things on hold. It is all about positioning yourself for the flow of life - opportunities, new connections, new experiences, and adventure - to come to you. It’s about mastering the law of attraction. It’s about being open and less controlling. And it is the most rewarding way of life possible.

But how do you embody this way of life when you’re ready to trust the process and walk in your strategy? Here are some things to do while you wait.

Get Educated

“Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation…” The most important thing we can do when waiting for our next step is to make sure we are well-equipped to receive it. This could be conducting research, experimenting or pursuing mentorship in the area you are looking to elevate. The lessons and information you gather throughout the process will make you that much more equipped to step into your greatest potential once the opportunity presents itself.

Pursue Your Passion

Reveling in your passions and sharing them with the world creates the most powerful magnetism. Not only are you feeding your energy when you indulge in your passions, but you are supplying others with joy as well. By keeping a ___ supply of this energy, you will be in the best position to respond, accept invitations, and make your next move when the wait is over.

Explore and Explore

Make sure you’re broadening your horizons every chance you get. New people, new places, and new activities all have the potential to unlock something within you that you didn’t even know was there. They can expand your mind to innovative ways of tackling your goals. And most of all, they can give you opportunities to respond, unexpected invitations, and pleasant surprises.

Waiting for what’s next does not have to be excruciating. Once we learn to embrace the process, the journey becomes that much more exciting and fulfilling. Where is life calling you to be patient and lean in with the flow?

If you’re interested in learning how to enhance your energy, let’s connect for a free consultation.

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