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Reclaim your life. 

Learn to thrive by tapping into your

unique flow of energy.

At Capture Your Dream coaching, we believe that everyone has the potential to live out their wildest dreams through living in alignment. By mastering your energy and embracing radical self-love, witness how expressing your authenticity opens the door to your highest self.

We welcome your wildest dreams to flourish here!

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Recover from Burnout

Gain the tools to tap into your unique, sustainable energy.

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Clarify Your Vision

Refine and create a clear path towards your goals and life purpose.


Live Out Your Dream

Remove all blockages and flow toward a life that brings true fulfillment

Following the status quo is lowering your quality of life.

By not understanding your energy, you are literally in a fight with yourself and what is best with you at every moment. Gaining and implementing this knowledge quickly and sustainably allows you to avoid unnecessary pain in your life.

Cycles of Burnout

While constant physical fatigue is the most identifiable symptom of burnout, many ignore its other symptoms and get locked into extended periods of emotional detachment, lack of motivation and even physical ailments. Without proper structures put into place, this becomes a reality visited again and again.

Lack of Clarity

Many of us have been given a formula for how to live life - what goals to pursue and how to make decisions. If you pay close attention, though, you will realize that these cookie-cutter solutions often result in lackluster results and cause us to further doubt ourselves.

Emotional Turmoil

Frustrated? Bitter? Angry? Disappointed? Experiencing any of these emotions consistently is a clear sign that you are out of alignment with your energy. Without a clear understanding of how to get back on track, these emotions can take over and leave us in a perpetual state of distress.

Lack of Fulfillment

Whenever we deny our true selves we chip away at our potential for true fulfillment. This can be as simple as not understanding ourselves at the core. By lacking clarity on who we are and how we operate, we set ourselves up for disappointment.

Our Happy Clients & Partners

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Zac L., Product Designer

Having never received a Human Design reading in the past, I was unsure of what to expect. [Sahar] quickly helped me feel grounded with her calm and glowing presence while kindly coaching me through the process.  I was delighted to come away with a framework for understanding the way I work best, and a more profound acceptance of myself. As a result, I've experienced improvements in my relationships and work. And, she's taught me to recognize when I need to allow more time for key decisions or push through with confidence. I highly recommend [her] coaching strategies for anyone looking to better understand themselves and what they are capable of realizing. 

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Marrion J.

Sahar's reading came at the perfect time. I felt an immediate bond and trust, which made me willing to open myself to her guidance. I now feel that I understand myself more intimately. I appreciate the way she held space and was willing to relate her own personal experiences to what she was telling me about myself. Highly recommend.


Danielle J., Marketing Specialist & Artist Development

I truly enjoyed taking part in Sahar’s Movement Meditation class. I felt so much of what I’ve been feeling fall off of me as I listened to her words while letting my body flow in movement without judgement. I’m definitely joining her next one!

Crossing the River

Our Philosophy

How I Can Help

When it comes to achieving major goals and pursuing our purpose, oftentimes we have pieces to the puzzle but don't know how to put them together. As a certified life coach, I am here to help you gain clarity, insight, and provide you with the necessary tools to begin living a life that you love. Using proven techniques, personal wisdom, and spiritual healing tools such as Human Design, Gene Keys and Astrology, I am able to help you form and execute your unique vision in a way that is divinely inspired.

You transform your world by transforming yourself. That is why in my practice, we put an emphasis on self-love and physical, mental, and emotional well-being, because those are the foundations of a successful, rewarding life.


I look forward to helping you along your journey!



Atlanta, GA 30310

(404) 919-0483


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