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Finding Your Fit: Working Styles that Work for You

Everyone is not designed to work the same. While this seems to be a rational statement, our systems are not set up to handle the unique needs that each individual has. We’ve been conditioned that 40-hour work weeks and 30-minute lunch breaks in office cubicles are healthy and normal for everyone. But there is more than enough evidence that the status quo is not working.

Work environment, culture and role have an immense impact on not only individual health and well-being but overall performance of an organization. What helps each person achieve work-life balance and fulfillment is different.

While some individuals thrive in high-intensity, high-energy situations others need calm and controlled environments. The need for structure versus fluidity in the workday is also individually based. Human Design can be a helpful tool for understanding what the best working conditions are for you and your team.

Basic Energetics

The amount of energy you should spend working day-to-day has a great deal to do with your chart type. If you are an energy type (Generator or Manifesting Generator), staying busy is good for you. The key is staying busy doing things that you love to do. Otherwise, you risk becoming burnt out. If you are a non-energy type (Projector, Manifestor, Reflector), however, you require a more fluid work schedule with frequent breaks and opportunities for rest built in. It is also important for you to master the art of delegation when it comes to executing ideas.

Enriching Environments

Knowing and understanding your environment can help you curate a workspace at home or in an office that fuels you. While individuals with Caves as their environment thrive in more secluded and controlled spaces, others need consistent social interaction, like those with Markets or Kitchens. Details even down to the way you decorate can have a huge impact. Maximizing what you need in your physical space will ensure that you can focus better, get more accomplished, and feel more at peace while doing your work.

Fulfilling Roles

At the end of the day, no matter what your chart type, doing work that brings you pride, joy, and fulfillment makes all the difference. Several pieces of your Human Design chart can bring you clarity on what your overall purpose is as well as your innate gifts and talents, from your defined centers to channels to gates. Getting a thorough reading of your energetic blueprint can give you direction if you are considering a career change.

We all deserve to do work we enjoy and work in a way that enriches our lives (not burdens us). Get to know more about yourself and what allows you to flourish so that you can make changes in alignment with your highest potential and highest good. Let’s work together on how we work together in a way that benefits every individual.

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