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Out with the Old: Making Space for Your Best Self

One of my first big transformations happened over five years ago, and it all began with extremely uncomfortable mind fog. At the time, I was living on my own in a new city working at my first job out of college. There were a lot of big emotions that I felt throughout those first few years, but mostly I just felt an overwhelming lack of clarity. And with this lack of clarity, I just felt a nagging need to get rid of everything.

When I first mentioned this unrest to loved ones, it wasn’t quite understood. Here I was with a high-paying job, successful from most vantage points but struggling mentally. Eventually, I leaned into the direction I was being pulled and came across a minimalism course and support group. Before the experience even began, I was filled with anticipation of how this process would change my life. Bit by bit, with each piece of clothing and trinket donated, my space cleared, my mind cleared and I became more refreshed. Then I started experiencing even more benefits that I had never considered before. I had more freedom of time and was motivated to start an even more intentional healing journey, and it all started by letting go.

When we start on the path of transformation, it can look daunting. A new, winding road can seem impossible to trek. But it gets that much easier when we lighten the load before venturing on. Decluttering your space is one amazing way to ease into this process, but make sure that you also clear out these three other areas of your life. 

Clear Your Mind

It’s nearly impossible to make your next step toward your goal if your mind is constantly bombarded with thoughts and ruminations. Learning to regulate your thoughts is vital to creating the space necessary to make new decisions in alignment with your new self. While I completely recommend decluttering as a first step, writing is another amazing way to unburden your mind. Getting your thoughts out of your head and onto a sheet of paper is often sufficient to feel relief. Journal about your day, create lists, and don’t stop until you feel “empty”. 

Face Your Emotions

Most of us are not adept at processing our emotions. We may bury them, we may intellectualize them, but we don’t feel them. Beginning to reconnect, process, and release your emotions starts with getting more in tune with your body. A great approach to this is with somatic movement and exercises. Tap into your senses to heighten the feelings you are trying to surface.  

Assess Your Relationships

Not everyone is meant to join you along the journey. That’s just a fact. So, when you are ready to take steps toward your future, it is sometimes necessary to take your closest relationships into account. Ensure that there are no dynamics that would discourage or prevent you from progressing. 

Letting go can be scary because many of us are gripping tightly to things that are holding us back due to fear. You must get to a point where you realize that the pain of staying where you are is greater than the discomfort of getting to where you want to be. So, just start. Once you begin releasing, each additional thing becomes that much easier to gracefully let go of. I wish you a triumphant, burden-free journey forward. 

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