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Decisions, Decisions: Getting Out of Your Head and into Your Flow

I’m going to say something controversial. You’re approaching your life decisions wrong.

If you’re anything like me, you were taught to be practical. Logic was the only consideration when it came to making all types of choices through life. This logical approach often led me to painstaking deliberation when it came to solving problems. Weighing the pros and cons. Making lists. Even outsourcing my decision-making to other people to get their opinions. And with all that back and forth, I would still end up hating the results of the choice I ultimately made.

Our minds are wonders in and of themselves. They allow us to collect and process information. They allow us to create and inspire. On an energetic level, you can view the mind as a beacon constantly pointing outward. This is great for connecting us to universal consciousness and knowledge. But, again, it is always pointed outward. This means that, if we use the mind as our decision-making center, we will never make a personal decision since our decisions would all be influenced by external sources and not inner truth.

So, if we can’t rely on our heads, what are we supposed to rely on? It’s time to learn to rely on our bodies. The somatic center that holds your highest truth is based on your energy chart. Check your chart, then keep reading to see the source of your truth.

Emotional Authority

The most powerful inner authority, emotional authority, can be the hardest to grasp. People (like me) with emotional authority need to avoid making spontaneous decisions. As the name suggests, we need to feel and tap into our emotions when making choices. In addition, we shouldn’t make decisions at the peak or the valley of our emotional wave (when we’re feeling our highest highs or our lowest lows). Feel out your decisions for at least 48 hours or over the course of your emotional wave, then see what answer your emotions are pointing you towards.

Sacral Authority

Have you ever been told to trust your gut? Well, if you have sacral authority, that is exactly what you should be doing consistently! You may already feel sensations physically when presented with a decision or a problem. Lean into that! If you’ve been disconnected from that sensation for a while, begin tapping into your non-verbal responses (your “uh-huh”, “uh-uh,” “hmmm”). That is your sacral center giving you your truth in the moment. Time to trust it again!

Splenic Authority

Having splenic authority is all about tapping into your intuition. This is your inner knowing and comes through instantaneously when presented with a decision. It is important when having this inner authority to pay attention to subtle sensations in your body and not to question when the answer comes. Questioning will only deafen your ability to hear your inner guide for future life decisions.

Ego Authority

If you are a Manifestor or Projector with a defined Will center but none of the above centers defined, you have Ego authority. In a way, you don’t need to wait for any type of clarity or sign. You just need to listen to how you talk about a decision, rest, then move forward from there. Your will is the key.

Self-Projected or Mental Authority

Though these are two different types of internal compasses, the approach is the same. Similar to ego authority, having self-projected or mental authority is all about talking it out. Now, you are not talking things out to get advice or other people’s opinions. What you are looking for is someone outside yourself to use as a sounding board, and listening instead to how you talk about the decision or opportunity. The words, tone, and level of enthusiasm you have will give you the clarity that you need.

Lunar Authority

The rarest type of decision-making authority for the rarest chart type, Reflectors are challenged to slow down their decision-making process. This means discussing and contemplating a decision over the course of 28 days (or a full lunar cycle) to gain clarity.

These concepts of trusting the body instead of the mind to lead your life may feel hard to grasp, so I encourage you to experiment based on your chart. How does it feel to trust your gut or your intuition instead of your head? Do you find a better outcome? Do you feel more in flow? I’d love to hear about your results!

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