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Perfecting the Blueprint: Keys to Crafting Successful Action Plans

Many of us have heard this quote (attributed to Benjamin Franklin): “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” While it holds true, getting to the planning stage itself can prove to be a formidable task, especially when we are talking about making significant changes in our lives. This is where preparing to plan becomes key to your success.

In the last few weeks of the transformation challenge I have been leading over the past few weeks, we have been taking time to envision, assess, and learn more about ourselves. We intentionally delayed creating S.M.A.R.T. goals (or any sort of blueprint). Yes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But if you fail to understand yourself, your circumstances, and your vision, your plan will be useless.

When you decide to create  your plan of action, here are some key tips for setting yourself up for success.

Plan for Rest

The most common mistake when blazing forward in a new direction is failing to account for our need to re-energize. There are so many jokes and snide remarks about New Year's Resolutions and how they only last a month (if that) in execution. However, most of us don’t follow through because we literally can’t. We burn ourselves out! Understanding your energy is critical when building a plan that works with you instead of against you. You don’t have to accomplish it all at once. Ease into your transformation. Find a way to put yourself more in alignment each day, little by little. Small, persistent effort is more sustainable than grand gestures of change.

Plan for Detours

Here’s the reality: life happens. It’s time to embrace the beauty in that. You can have a perfectly curated plan that gets derailed by a life event or an unexpected encounter. Realize that you always have the agency to pivot. When we learn to appreciate the journey just as much (if not more than!) the destination, the process becomes much more joyous and likely to succeed. So, in the beginning, make space to explore and enjoy life, not just pursue your objectives.

Focus on Your “Why”

When the going gets tough, the thing that will lead you through is your most compelling motivation. Before putting pen to paper, you should investigate your root cause. My friend and mentor Naeemah Jade, a manifestation coach, recommends asking yourself the question “why” at least five times when you contemplate your vision. This will not only anchor you in your goal but may also shift the nature of your goal completely! You  may realize that your focus thoroughly shifts based on your foundational “why.” Taking this step of introspection adds a necessary understanding of the purpose behind your transformation and will assist you in pushing through when life happens. 

Creating a plan is necessary, but a plan without context is almost worthless. Make sure to honor yourself when creating your blueprint for transformation.  I would love to help you along your transformation journey! Join the challenge or reach out for one-on-one support



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