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Redefining Success: Paving Your Own Path

The past few months have been transformational for me in so many ways. After working in the corporate world for 10 years, I was unexpectedly thrust out of the daily 9-to-5 routine. Suddenly, my side business became my primary source of income. Now, this may not be my permanent reality, but in as few as 90 days, my entire perspective on success has changed.

As a Projector, success indicates that I am in the natural flow of my energy. But what does “success” actually mean? As the only fully outwardly-focused chart type, “success” can be interpreted in a variety of ways. More often than not, the success is not even our own but of those we lead and guide. All that considered, this time away from the grind has caused me to redefine success for myself in the following ways.

Success is…freedom to flow

The option to wake up each morning and choose the flow of my day has been a phenomenal experience so far. Being able to shift my schedule effortlessly based on how I am feeling physically and mentally has been indescribably valuable, so much so that it almost completely eliminates the stress of not having a consistent paycheck…almost. This period has made me realize how essential freedom is to individual well-being, and I’m ecstatic that I’m getting to experience it firsthand.

Success is…meaningful connection

Growing up, I was always labeled shy because I was more of an observer than a talker, seen but not necessarily heard. I identified with this personality trait so much that I specifically chose my field of study based on its potential to provide me with a career where I could interact with the smallest number of people possible! However, in recent months, I’ve realized that my diagnosis was not completely accurate. Through the process of networking and promoting myself, I have discovered that I love meeting new people and making deep connections with others!. I am still more of a listener than a talker, but I thrive in one-on-one conversations about transformative topics (all key aspects of my Human Design). For this very reason, I’m looking forward to the next event or workshop where I get to participate. I have already met so many beautiful, inspiring people, and I am excited to foster those relationships and more.

Success is…being recognized

This lesson is probably the most straightforward. Projectors are here to be recognized for their knowledge and wisdom, and when it happens, it is the most elite feeling ever. Entrepreneurship can be overwhelming at times, constantly putting yourself out there to be received. So, when another individual recognizes you for all of the unseen labor you’ve done, it’s nothing short of amazing. I am beyond grateful for the clients who have supported me along this journey. They inspire me to continue onward and upward!

Success is…enjoyment

When I first got the news that I was being laid off from my former job, I made the commitment that I was going to pursue everything for my highest good during this season of my life. This meant indulging in healthy, joyful activities : - getting back into dance, improving my diet, trying things on my bucket list, and spending time with loved ones. Keeping this commitment to myself feels like I’ve found the key to life. It’s so simple, but I think it can be easy to lose sight of this truth when inundated with society’s daily expectations.

These are just some of the ways that I now measure success. To me, success means I am healthy, experiencing intimate connection, and assisting others along their journey. No longer am I confined by the belief that a title, a salary, or a measure of stability determines my success.

How do you measure success? Are you holding onto an archaic or external unit of measurement? Perhaps it’s time to come up with your definition of success. If you’d like help clarifying what that looks like for you, let’s talk!

Wishing you much (true) success on your journey.

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