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The Radiance Within: Discovering the Beauty of Your Open Centers

When you first look at your energy chart, you might be tempted to judge yourself or be discouraged by the amount of undefined or open (white) centers. Hearing that you have “inconsistent” energy is not necessarily reassuring. As with everything, though, there are benefits and challenges to energetic openness.

Society applauds the sure thing. Many of us have been taught to be risk-averse. Inconsistency does not have a place. Therefore, when we take a look at the openness in our charts, we need to reframe our mind. Instead of using words like “inconsistent” or “unreliable,” I like to highlight to my clients the receptive, fluid, adaptive nature of these energies. You must remember that in the areas where you are open, you receive and amplify the energy of others. When operating correctly in this role, you will have the almost magical ability to transform and transmute energy in these areas for the greater overall well-being of the collective.

So, if you have a bunch of openness in your chart, how can you start tapping into this potential? Here are a few tips.

Accept Your Openness

First and foremost, you must stop judging yourself. Many of us have been conditioned that something is “wrong” with us for the areas in which we are inconsistent. For example, someone with an open Ajna center is not designed for you to be certain or to process information in a specific way. With an open G-Center (the center that governs love and direction) it’s not meant for you to have a set life path or fixed love language. Understanding and accepting these traits should bring a sense of relief and allow you to step forward into your authentic self.

Disconnect from Outside Energy

With openness in your chart, you subconsciously absorb and amplify the energy of those around you. When you do not understand these traits, you can experience disastrous consequences, such as amplifying negative emotions (with an open Emotional Solar Plexus) or overworking yourself to the point of burnout (with an open Sacral center). After identifying these parts of yourself, you must then begin the difficult task of distinguishing your energy from the energy of those around you. You can begin by setting aside a consistent time of solitude where you intentionally offload the external energy and understand your baseline. Then, begin to notice the shifts and changes that happen when you interact with others - first one-on-one, then in small groups, then in crowds. Awareness is the key to maintaining balance with your energy.

Focus on Your Strength

You will recognize the beauty in your openness when you begin understanding the strengths of your open centers. Once you master your openness, you have the unique capability to detect and transmute energy and introduce newness into the world. With an open Ajna, you will be open to new schools of thought and able to process information in new and unique ways. With an open G-Center, you can be a real-life chameleon, allowing the journey of life to lead you and showing up for others in the way they need to be loved. Figure out the strength of your open centers, and you will blossom.

There is no mistake in your uniqueness. It’s time to take hold of the power of your potential. Getting to know who you are is the first step to maximizing your life. I wish you well on the journey.

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